Minggu, 15 Juli 2012

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To auction the wardrobe and lingerie worn by the cast of a film is a common one in Hollywood, but this is for the first time in Bollywood that the clothes worn by the stars will be auctioned for charity!! Talking about Pooja Bhatt's forthcoming 'Jism 2', one can easily guess about the prices they will fetch given the fact that the items will also include the lingerie worn by Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone.

The official Twitter page of Jism 2 posted a hot pic of Leone with the update which read: "Sunny Leone's lingerie along with other clothes of her and other actors up for auction for charity… any takers?" Any? We guess many!

As a response, a fan wrote: "this is a great way of promoting de movie as well as doing charity! U marketing guys truly rock, I'm learing a lot frm U."

The official Jism 2 page also added: "Sneak peek of the garments to be auctioned online for charity. Disrobing never got more noble"!

Well, for those who want to have a look at what the auction has to offer, we give you the pic posted on the official twitter page of 'Jism 2'!! (bollywood-stars.com)