Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

Reinhard Wuhrmann, sang PEMANCING yang sedang BERUNTUNG, TANGKEPAN nya bisa buat makan SEKAMPUNG :p

Reinhard Wuhrmann, a retired policeman, had no idea that his fishing trip would be such a triumph. He was incredibly lucky that day. He caught a giant halibut!
The halibut is 8ft 3in weighing over 540lb. It smashes the previous world record by a remarkable 58lb. It would make 1,000 fillet portions in a good restaurant charging £25 for halibut main course. So Wuhrmann figuratively caught fish worth £25,000.
The man fought for 3 hours to catch this flat fish. He was very tired and succeeded thanks to his two friends who helped him pull the halibut onto the boat by tying a rope around it.
Ulrich Alstetter, boat skipper, said he was very proud to be a part of this incredible experience. By the way, the lucky fisher shaved his beard since his fish claimed a world record.The three men each took 24lb of halibut fillets home. They shared the rest of the fish with locals.